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DFE Organizes 4th Work Conference of 4th Power System Automation Committee of CSEE
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President Yang delivers an address

The 4th Work Conference of the 4th Power System Automation Committee of the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering (CSEE) took place in Yantai from August 29 to 30. Hosted by Tsinghua University, organized by DFE, it brought together over 120 representatives from renowned universities, research institutes and partners, including State Grid Corporation of China, China Southern Power Grid, Tsinghua University, Southeast University, North China Electric Power University and China Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).

Yang Hengkun, President of DFE, attended and addressed the conference. Among over 100 other attendees were leaders of DFE, as well as key staff of DFE's Technical Center in relevant business fields. Zhang Guanyuan, Secretary General of the Special Committee, hosted the conference. Prof. Zhang Boming from Tsinghua University delivered an address on behalf of Xu Hongqiang, Chairman of the Special Committee.

Conference scene

The conference began with an address by Prof. Zhang Boming who extended congratulations on the successful opening of the conference.

Yang Hengkun, President of DFE, also delivered an address:

Over the 70 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China, China's power industry has made great strides, said Yang.

These have been the results of generations of the concerted efforts of power practitioners, experts, industrial organizations at all levels and power enterprises.

In recent years, we have sped up self-reform and strategic transformation, built an integral value chain involving power software and hardware, primary and secondary integration, energy conservation and environmental protection, and integrated energy management, become an industrial highlight, and gained full recognition from governments, customers, strategic partners and other relevant sides.

We are grateful to the Special Committee and experts for their close attention and guidance in this process.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to them through the conference and hope that they will continue to give us guidance and support.

Yang also expected that the Special Committee would keep pace with technical development and set world top standards at the height of China, to make more "Chinese standards" lead the trends of world power technologies, and promote the scientific development of China's power industry.

Experts make impressive presentations

Attendees raise questions amid a lively atmosphere

Then experts made impressive presentations.

Sun Hongbin, a professor from Tsinghua University, made a presentation entitled "Automatic Operator for Complex Power Grid";

Yang Shengchun, a professor-level senior engineer from EPRI, made a presentation entitled "Thought on Ubiquitous IoT Construction in the Field of Scheduling Control";

Zhai Mingyu, a professor-level senior engineer from Nari Group Corporation, made a presentation entitled "Research on Key Technology for Support Platform of New-generation Power Grid Scheduling Control System";

Zhang Haibin, a senior engineer from the Industrial Research Center of Nari Research Institute, made a presentation entitled "Application of Intellisense Technology of Ubiquitous Power IoT in Power Transformation";

Dr. Zhu Yayun from EPRI, made a presentation entitled "Research on Detection of Attacks to Grid Embedded Terminals and Key Protective Technology";

Kong Haibin, a senior engineer from DFE, made a presentation entitled "Research on Cloud-based SCADA";

Yao Xu, a senior engineer from Beijing Kedong Electric Power Control System Co., Ltd., made a presentation entitled "Technical Research on Feature Extraction and Image Analysis of Distribution Network Operation Status Based on Big Data";

Ju Dengfeng, a senior engineer from the Beijing R&D Center of Nari Research Institute, made a presentation entitled "Research on Key Intellisense Technology of Ubiquitous Power IoT".

Expert exchanges

On the second day, the Special Committee reviewed the recommended keynote presentations and delivered a work report for 2019. The committee members participated in a discussion. After the committee examined CSEE's standard (draft for comments), the conference was wrapped up.

The conference, which focused on current hot topics, presented advanced concepts and technologies in the field of power system automation, and broadened the thinking and horizon of the committee members and representatives present, is of great significance to promoting the development of power system automation technologies in China.