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DFE 60th Anniversary Celebration Conference held
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Founded in October 1958, DFE was formerly Laiyang Film Machinery Repair Plant. In 1982, DFE developed China's first microcomputer-based power remote terminal unit in cooperation with Shandong University of Technology, to enter the field of power system automation. After 60 years of development, DFE has become a key energy management system solution supplier in China, as well as a key high-tech enterprise supported by the State and Shandong Province. With a state-accredited corporate technical center and a postdoctoral research workstation, DFE has participated in the setting of IEC's international standards on behalf of China, exported its technologies and services to more than 20 countries and regions, and been ranked top among "China's Top 100 Software Enterprises" for many consecutive years.

In recent years, DFE has sped up its strategic transformation to energy connection, with its business extending from smart grid orientation to energy connection orientation. In 2017, DFE successfully introduced strategic investors, completed the mixed ownership reform and injected tremendous capital power into the company. Driven by capital and industry, DFE has conducted strategic planning and operations in fields such as power market, distributed energy, regional energy management and electric vehicle charging piles and built a grid-based energy-connected business structure. In the next period, DFE will intensify research and application in fields such as cloud, big data, chip and quantum computer, and accomplish the transformation from embedded software products and applications to cloud platform building and information integration service provision.