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DFE's Intelligent Patrol Robot Appears at WIDC 2019
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The 2019 World Industrial Design Conference & Industrial Design World Expo (WIDC 2019) opened at the Yantai International Expo Center on October 18. DFE's independently developed and designed wheeled intelligent patrol robot E1121 attracted wide attention at the exposition.

With functions such as automatic laser navigation, intelligent recognition, automatic recording and remote control, the robot is an important platform for equipment data acquisition, information integration and decision judgment. 5G-powered robots released new vitality at WIDC 2019. 5G with high speed, low delay and low power consumption presents an outstanding solution for panoramic viewing and full-time online operations of robots, taking the robot industry into a new era of smart IoT.

Prof. Heidi Kroemker, Chairman of the Expert Committee of the China Industrial Design Association, visited the exposition. Several customers communicated with the robot development team. The two sides exchanged views and reached consensus on application cooperation.

Through the exposition, the robot development team acquired customer needs which provided valuable experience for its future innovative R&D, technical improvement and customer need solutions.