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Jingjin Model Promotes Sustained Growth of Performance, Dongfang Electronics Co., Ltd. Releases Satisfactory Financial Report
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Dongfang Electronics Co., Ltd. (the Company) disclosed its 2019 annual report on April 15. In 2019, the Company realized the operating income of 3.419 billion yuan, growing by 12.37% on a year-on-year basis; the net profit attributable to the owner of its parent company of 247 million yuan, increasing by 44.41% year on year; the net cash flow from operating activities of 508 million yuan, at a YoY growth of 91.13%; the net increase in cash and cash equivalents of 403 million yuan, increasing by 314.65% year on year, and; the total assets of 6.261 billion yuan, up 21.47% year on year. With the joint efforts of the headquarters of the Company and its subsidiaries, the satisfied results have been presented to the Board of Directors and shareholders of the Company.

The Board of Directors also approved a cash dividend plan, distributing to shareholders at a rate of 0.38 yuan (including tax) every 10 ordinary shares, on the basis of the total share capital of 1,340,727,007 units in 2019, which will be implemented after the approval of the general meeting of shareholders, allowing the shareholders to benefit from the dividend of the Company's performance growth.

Behind the satisfied financial results, the Company has been involved in successful practice of Jingjin Model, upgrade and implementation of the ultimate version of Jingjin Marketing and Jingjin R&D, and all the employees have overcome mountains of difficulties in a down-to-earth manner.

In 2020, the Company will promote the overall upgrading of other Jingjin Models, such as quality, supply chain, manufacturing, finance and human resources, through Jingjin Marketing and Jingjin R&D Models, in the face of changes in the external environment, under the guidance of DFE's development strategy "leading technology, leading quality, leading cost-effectiveness and first-class efficiency". The Company will keep up with market changes, and continue to perform properly in all aspects throughout the year, on a customer-centered and development-oriented basis.