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DFE Successfully Selected into National Energy Conservation Expert Base
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On April 13, the National Energy Conservation Center (the NECC) issued a public announcement that DFE is successfully selected as a member of the "List of National Energy Conservation Expert Base Organizations" for publicity.

The National Energy Conservation Expert Base aims to further promote the business exchange between energy conservation related institutions, allow members to participate in relevant seminars and exchange activities organized by the NECC during their term of office, and give members the priority in undertaking any projects and subjects initiated by the NECC. Selection of DFE into the expert base is regarded as an important reflection of its advanced technology, rich experience and strong strength in the field of energy conservation, and a competitive identification for its development in the energy-saving and environmental protection market, and a critical opportunity for its competency improvement.

After receipt of the NECC's notice on solicitation of members under national energy conservation organizations in 2019, Shandong Guoyan Automation Co., Ltd. (SGA) organized and provided a large number of program performance reports, including Haier Group, Mengniu Group, Chang'an Automobile, Great Wall Motor, Shanghai Electric, Liuguo Chemical Industry, Tianfang Pharmaceutical and other comprehensive energy management projects. The expert judges highly praise DFE's global systematic energy conservation concept based on massive data analysis, and finally include DFE in the second batch of expert base members together with the industry leaders successfully.

The energy-saving plan based on energy analysis and management is the technical highlight of the SGA. This selection symbolizes the NECC's acceptance and approval on the professional ability of DFE. In the future, DFE will, using the platform, play an active role, express its opinion in the expert base, display its sound image, and further enhance the brand awareness and industry influence.