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Green Development, Low-Carbon Future|DFE Attending 2021 China (Yantai) Peak Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Carbon Neutral Yantai Forum
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On October 19-21, "2021 China (Yantai) Peak Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Carbon Neutral Yantai Forum" and "2021 China (Yantai) Peak Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Carbon Neutral Energy Equipment Expo" were held at Yantai International Expo Center. The Forum and Expo were sponsored by Shandong Development and Reform Commission, Yantai Municipal People's Government, China Nuclear Society, China Machinery Industry Federation and China Energy News, and undertaken by Yantai Development and Reform Commission, Yantai Emerging Industry Development and Promotion Center and Yantai Nuclear Power R&D Center. Focusing on the goal of "Peak Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Carbon Neutral", the Forum comprehensively gathers, exhibits, exchanges and promotes new products, technologies, solutions and application scenarios of Chinese and foreign energy enterprises and institutions in clean, low-carbon and green transformation, so as to provide strong support for the construction of a clean and low-carbon modern energy system in China, continuous optimization of energy structure in Shandong Province and the construction of a national clean energy demonstration city in Yantai City.

Wang Shoujun, member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the CPPCC, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Council of China Nuclear Society, Su Wei, Deputy Secretary General of the National Development and Reform Commission, Zheng Deyan, Deputy Secretary of Yantai Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, and John Edwards, Her Majesty's Trade Commissioner for China, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Xie Zhenhua, China Special Envoy for Climate Change, attended the opening ceremony by video and delivered a speech. Zhang Dailing, member of the Standing Committee of Yantai Municipal Party Committee and Vice Mayor, presided over the opening ceremony.

In his speech, Zheng Deyan said that in recent years, Yantai has successively cultivated a number of innovative cases and projects, such as Dongfang Electronics "Smart Energy Integrated Management Mode" and Wanhua "Green Factory". Yantai is currently planning and deploying the "Peak Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Carbon Neutral" systematically, accelerating the formation of industrial structure, production mode, lifestyle and spatial layout that save and protect the environment, and striving to be in the forefront of the high-quality development path with ecological priority, green and low-carbon.

At the Expo, the Mayor Zheng Deyan and attending leaders visited the DFE booth to give guidance. With the theme of "Innovation Embracing Energy and Joining Hands with Low Carbon Era", DFE exhibited the important achievements in low-carbon and zero-carbon fields in three areas: products, achievements and physical objects. The product exhibition area mainly showed a series of products such as DFE green eco-city, the first domestic zero-carbon smart park, digital smart factory, clean energy supply and consumption, etc.; the physical exhibition area showed energy-saving products such as energy control equipment, energy-saving control equipment, intelligent acquisition terminal, power quality management equipment and charging stations; the achievement exhibition area showed the national key research and development plan of DFE - "Key Technology Research and Demonstration Project of Multi-user Interactive Power Distribution System in Industrial Park" in 3D and video. Supported by this project, the key technology of E2800 integrated energy management system independently researched and developed by DFE is at the "international leading" level, and has become a "carbon reduction tool" for high energy-consuming enterprises.

Rich exhibits and leading technology make DFE the focus of the whole exhibition, attracting the attention of industry, media and people. Through the exhibition, DFE products and solutions in the field of energy saving and consumption reduction have gradually entered the public's field of vision, so that more people can see the power of green development and start a new era of low-carbon life with digital technology.

On the afternoon of 19th, 2021 Yantai Seminar on Peak Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Carbon Neutral Economy/Coordinated Development was held in Yantai Dongshan Hotel, with the Mayor Zheng Deyan participating in the whole seminar. Yang Hengkun, Chairman of Dongfang Electronics Co., Ltd., participated in the exchange activities as an invited guest and held talks with the guests.

Intensive R&D, Empowering Innovation: DFE always adheres to a good vision of "Cherish Environment and Save Resources", shifts the weight of smart energy development and creates the optimal solution in the energy industry. With the low-carbon green projects, DFE can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 7.153 million tons per year and generate economic benefits of over RMB 300 million per year, thus making great contributions to peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutral.

Fang Zhengji, General Manager of Dongfang Electronics Co., Ltd., said in an interview with Shandong Radio and TV Station Life Channel: "We have actively promoted and developed our industry and made two extensions. Horizontally, the OT manufacturers of traditional power energy have intensified our cooperation with OT and ICT manufacturers, and expanded to the cloud upon cloud and edge computing to launch the "DFE Green Cloud", thus helping us achieve the strategic goal of peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutral."

Share the "Peak Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Carbon Neutral" development opportunities and create a green development future. DFE will continue to actively implement the national policy, deepen the technology application and product R&D such as "converting carbon by electricity", mobilize the endogenous power of energy saving and carbon reduction, fully serve the whole society in energy saving and emission reduction, and empower to achieve the goal of "Peak Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Carbon Neutral".