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Carbon Dioxide Emission Reduction! Dongfang Electronics (DFE) Helps China's First Shore Power Project of Offshore Oilfield Group Put into Operation
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On September 23, the shore power application demonstration project of CNOOC Qinhuangdao-Caofeidian oilfield group in Bohai Sea that DFE participates in was successfully put into operation. The project, China's first shore power application project of offshore oilfield group, marks another historic step towards green, efficient and intelligent development that China's offshore oil industry has made.

The shore power project refers to transmission of the power of the onshore power grid to the offshore oilfield through the submarine high-voltage cables, it can effectively solve the problems of low efficiency and high energy consumption of the generator units in the traditional crude oil power stations. After all shore power projects are put into operation, the peak power consumption will reduce the consumption of 175,000 m3 of crude oil and 2.38 billion m3 of natural gas every year. At the same time, compared with self-generating power, the peak power consumption can save 995,000 tons of standard coal and reduce the emission of nearly 1.75 million tons of carbon dioxide. The shore power project also alleviates the long-term dependence on imports of the generator units of offshore platform, reduces the economic “threshold” for the development of marginal oilfields, accelerates the construction progress of oil and gas production capacity, cuts down the workload of power maintenance of existing offshore oil fields and solves the noise problems of offshore platform.

New submarine cables, which has the functions of power transmission and communication, need to be laid for shore power to enter the sea. In addition to power transmission, the submarine cables are also an “information highway”. Under the framework of a new generation of independent and controllable centralized control station, DFE has realized the remote centralized monitoring and control of two offshore substations and two onshore switching stations by continuously refining the design scheme and optimizing the system functions, thus not only helping the onshore power project synchronously promote the digitization, intellectualization and unmanned operations of offshore oil fields but also solving the problems of offshore communication and accelerating the digitization construction. The process embodies DFE’s advanced and reliable products.

Join hands with stars and oceans to achieve a win-win result towards low-carbon future. DFE helped China's first shore power project of offshore oilfield group to be successfully put into operation which is a gorgeous turn for offshore oil fields to bid farewell to the “power island” and realize green and low-carbon development. In the future, DFE will take the shore power project as an important opportunity, follow the development of China's energy industry and help energy transformation and digital transformation to make greater achievements in the “double carbon” goal.