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Our Company Signed Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Xinfa Group
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On September 9, we have formally signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement with Xinfa Group in Yantai City, marking that two outstanding leading enterprises in the industry of our province have entered into the all-round substantive cooperation stage. Liu Tao, Deputy General Manager of Xinfa Group, and Ding Zhenhua, Vice Chairman of Dongfang Electronics Corporation (DFE), made speeches on behalf of the two enterprises respectively, and relevant leaders of both enterprises attended the signing ceremony.

According to the Agreement, Xinfa Group will put forward its own demands in electric power, energy management and circular economy, while Dongfang Electronics Corporation will carry out targeted research and development and provide product solutions. Both parties will actively give full play to their respective advantages, strengthen cooperation in intelligent transformation, technology research and development, talent training and other fields, and realize resource sharing and complementary advantages through efficient, pragmatic and innovative cooperation mode, so as to build a win-win and sustainable strategic partnership.

The signing of this strategic cooperation will bring both parties more leading market positions, better channel resources, more solid development foundations and more excellent operating returns. Both parties will work together to establish a demonstration benchmark for intelligent energy management and cyclic utilization of resource and energy in the industrial park, to develop and apply internationally leading comprehensive solutions for enterprises with high energy consumption and high pollution in the process of transformation and upgrading, and at the same time to contribute Dongfang wisdom to Shandong Province in terms of driving force transformation and development.