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Our Company Participated in the 11th China Smart Grid Academic Seminar
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The 11th China Smart Grid Academic Seminar, sponsored by the Professional Committee on Power System Control and Protection of the Chinese Electrotechnical Society, the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronic Technology of Tsinghua University, the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of North China Electric Power University, was held in Nanjing from August 1 to 3. Academician Zhou Xiaoxin, Academician Xue Yusheng, Academician Yu Yixin, Academician Luo An and many experts and scholars in the power industry attended the seminar and made special reports. More than 400 people from power grid companies, design institutes, colleges and universities and power equipment enterprises attended the seminar. Power equipment enterprises such as Dongfang Electronics, Guodian Nanjing Automation, Xuji Group, KETOP Testing, Wiscom System, Beijing Sifang and Ke Electric set up the booths.

With the theme of "Building Smart Grid and Sharing Bright Life", our company presented a panoramic solution of power automation. This exhibition was presented in the form of a panoramic solution for power automation for the first time, which gave a detailed explanation of intelligent substation, intelligent power distribution and a new generation of centralized control centers. Focusing on highlighting localization and APPs, the application of power distribution Internet of Things was introduced in combination with the application in the station area, and the intelligent core TTU, branch monitoring unit, low-voltage intelligent circuit breaker and intelligent Internet of Things station and room monitoring products were displayed. The display mode of electronic splicing screen was adopted for the first time, and the display content was enriched by scrolling in the form of video and picture. Customers were recommended to pay attention to the company's WeChat official account in the form of "scanning code for a gift", and view the company's news while consulting the electronic data. During the seminar, the participants stopped at the booth to have an in-depth understanding of system solutions and products such as power distribution, substation, dispatching and centralized control. Technical personnel from the Automation Department, Intelligent Distribution Equipment Department, System Department, and Department of Primary and Secondary Integration explained in detail to customers, understood customer demands and communicated and discussed together. Ding Zhenhua, Chairman of Dongfang Electronics Co., Ltd., delivered a theme report entitled Network Security Protection Technology and Prospect of Smart Grid Dispatching Control System at the conference.