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DFE Launches “Epidemic Prevention, Control and Investigation System of Yantai City” to Facilitate the Epidemic Prevention and Control
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The “Epidemic Prevention, Control and Investigation System of Yantai City” developed by DFE was officially put into operations in all counties and cities on February 9, in which more than 2,000 local first-line prevention and control workers have registered for use, in order to prevent and control the COVID-19 epidemic, help governmental departments collect information & data in real time and accurately, and analyze various epidemic data for statistic purpose. The system consists of three parts: an android application client terminal for grassroots collectors, a self-help reporting system for the public, and a statistical analysis and monitoring platform for administrative departments. The easy-to-use system has improved the efficiency of epidemic prevention and control greatly.

On February 7, the Leading Group for Epidemic Control of Yantai City started the construction of the local epidemic prevention, control and investigation system. That night, DFE undertook the task from the Big Data Administration of Yantai City and organized its professional persons to launch system development.

The preliminary available version of the system was completed on the evening of February 8.

DFE improved and tested the system according to the needs, and completed the whole task on February 9.

The android application client terminal for grassroots collectors is capable of collecting detailed public health information, avoiding tedious reporting procedures at the grassroots level, and the time-consuming collection of epidemic information by functional departments, improving the efficiency of information reporting, seizing the opportunity for timely prevention and control before the further spread of COVID-19.

The public-oriented self-reporting system allows people to self-report their health information quickly on a free-of-login basis. The online self-health report, whether from self-help reporter or organization, allows self-report or submission of relevant clues via the system, upon discovery of suspected COVID-19 cases or symptoms of reporters or others, or any travelers from Hubei Province to Yantai City.

Using big data and cloud computing technology, the statistical analysis and monitoring platform designed for administrative departments, aims to screen various types of data to form the required charts, scientifically determine the conditions and situation of epidemic prevention and control, and provide a scientific basis for accurate control measures by the epidemic control headquarters. Moreover, the platform allows the export of customized forms, and provides accurate and reliable information tools for rapid reporting of epidemic situations, workload evaluation, and responsibility tracking.