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DFE Deepens Big Data Applications to Boost Digital Low-Carbon Transformation of Power Grid
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Faced with increasing power grid data, Dongfang Electronics Corporation (DFE) has, based on the new IT technology framework, stable and flexible data base and operational needs, deepened a series of applications such as panoramic perception of control and operation data and dynamic perception of power grid operation trends in multiple scenarios, to boost digital operation and data value and help customers improve the quality and efficiency.

01 Panoramic perception of control and operation data

Through accumulation for more than ten years, DFE has constantly improved and upgraded the control data cloud platform system with the latest technology. It focuses on in-depth research regarding substitution by localization, multi-source data access, data storage, data integration and governance, data visualization and other aspects. By integrating data of EMS, meteorology, power plant management systems, OMS, electric energy systems, video systems, fault recorders and the like, it analyzes various subjects and provides 42 services for departments of the control center, including panoramic monitoring, load analysis, and risk warning.

02 Dynamic perception of power grid operation trends in multiple scenarios

DFE has conducted in-depth analysis of operational needs in conjunction with its experience in power grid projects over years, and applied advanced data processing technologies, AI algorithms, and visualization technologies in operation, thus achieving visual and transparent perception of power grid operation trends in multiple scenarios, enhancing the capabilities of dispatching, application, protection and other disciplines in perception of complex and ever-changing power grid operation trends, improving the efficiency and accuracy of analysis and decision-making. It has developed a scenario-oriented dynamic perception system involving eight major applications, including power flow hierarchy within the entire network, power supply path for all equipment, multi-station linkage analysis, transfer trend, and distribution network connection hierarchy. This system has been successfully deployed and operated in Guangzhou, Foshan, Beijing, Hangzhou, Xiong'an, etc.

In addition, DFE applies big data and AI technologies in equipment heath status evaluation, new energy prediction, and batch load transfer by main and auxiliary power supply collaboration, to continuously improve the quality of products, depth of applications, and truly help customers enhance the quality and efficiency of services.

In the future, DFE will be further committed to IT + OT integration and upgrading, and accelerate the implementation of new technologies, to boost efficient and prospective upgrades of applications and contribute to the digital low-carbon transformation of the power grid.