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DFE helps Sanshandao Gold Mine to build China's first metal mine big data center integrating “one cloud, one lake and one platform"
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Mineral resources are the basic material guarantee for social and economic development. due to the new requirements of high-quality development for economic growth in China, for the purpose of mining industry, China urgently needs to transform its high energy consumption, high pollution and low efficiency in the past, actively promote digital transformation, and moves forward rapidly to the green, intelligent, safe and efficient development of mining industry. 

To serve the digital transformation needs of mining enterprises more effectively, Dongfang Electronics Corporation (DFE) guides technology research and development with IT/OT integration on the basis of Huawei Roma and DAYU platforms, and commercializes technical achievements in practical scenarios; DFE adopts a new generation of digital technology infrastructure, a new generation of data middleground IT architecture, and a brand-new data governance system, and takes ore flow and business flow as the main line to realize a blueprint for full overall planning, a network for full coverage, and a set of data for full interconnection, a platform for full-range control, and a terminal for full linkage, thereby improving the mine management level and building a digital and intelligent mine. 

▲ Construction and application of Sanshandao big data platform - energy-consumption theme application

Sanshandao Gold Mine Project 
In Sanshandao Gold Mine Project, DFE has been involved in the implementation of big data and intelligent security and intelligent material management application based on big data, by relying on SD-Gold(Shandong Gold Group)’s construction experience of first-class demonstrative mine, assisted SD-Gold Sanshandao Gold Mine to build the first metal mine big data center in China integrating "one cloud, one lake, and one platform", providing more expandable platform and space for digital transformation and intelligent upgrading of Sanshandao Gold Mine. 
By leveraging the overall solution of intelligent mine based on 5G+AI+Cloud, the big data platform has various important capabilities such as data acquisition, data calculation, data management, data analysis, data service, 
The platform integrates new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, visualization, etc., as well as traditional technical architecture, and connects the existing data of each business horizontally and vertically, thereby realizing rapid perception, intelligent processing and decision analysis, and achieving comprehensive integration and effective collaboration. 

▲ Construction and application of Sanshandao big data platform - material consumption theme application

DFE’s effort in the implementation of the Sanshandao Gold Mine Project has created a new construction and operating mode of "smart mine" and "ecological mining business" for mining enterprises, thus helping SD-Gold make due contribution to the digital transformation and upgrading of China's gold mining industry in the new era. In addition, the experience has been applied in a project of HNIIG (Hunan Nonferrous Industry Investment Group), and the project team has transformed theory to localized achievement and identified the method and technical route suitable for HNIIG in data asset construction from collection, governance to application.

In the future, DFE will strive to build a new IT architecture for data centers in the mining industry on a customer-centered basis, and contribute to the promotion of digital transformation and upgrading of mining enterprises and intelligent mine construction.