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DFE Reaches Strategic Cooperation with HPMicro Semiconductor, Energizing High-speed Development of China Electric Power Industry
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On October 25, DFE (or the Group) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with HPMicro Semiconductor, a high-performance MCU chip vendor in China. Relying on their own advantages and focusing on smart energy, both sides will integrate upstream & downstream industries, take a foothold in “autonomous and controllable chip”, and carry out cooperation in new-type power system digitization, etc., in order to achieve China’s carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals in high quality. 

The strategic cooperation between the Group and HPMicro Semiconductor will set an exemplary role for in-depth integration of the energy industry and upstream chip vendors. As a pacesetter in China energy industry, the Group began to enter the electric power automation sector in 1982. Up until now, the Group has been engaged in the industry for more than 40 years, and it has expanded its line of business from the electric power automation to three main sectors such as smart grid, IoT, and energy conservation & environmental protection. Currently, the Group is embarking on integration of digital technology and introduction of digital management, in order to promote development of digital grid, digital energy, and digital society, protect the environment, and save resources. As a local high-performance MCU vendor, HPMicro Semiconductor boasts high-performance industrial-class general MCU products (namely, HPM6700/6400/6300 series). Such chip products help shatter foreign monopoly and fill China’s blank in the high-performance MCU sector, making domestically-manufactured high-end power equipment chip autonomous and controllable.

Regarding development of new-type power system, enterprises need to integrate full data, plan the acquisition & monitoring equipment as a whole, stress control measures, ensure real-time interaction, and realize concurrent control over electricity and carbon. Since digital technology will bring many new possibilities for development of new-type power system, HPMicro Semiconductor’s MCU products are developed for this issue. In this strategic cooperation, both sides will start from construction of the power IoT’s smart station area. According to the cooperation agreement, the first project will adopt HPMicro Semiconductor’s proprietary high-performance MCU as the master controller for sensing, recording, and transmitting grid running parameters, and realizing intelligent switch control on the border between distribution side and user side. Such an innovative move will resolve defect (namely, switch without control) in traditional circuit breaker, making the power distribution control more efficient, more intelligent, and safer. This cooperation fully exemplifies HPMicro Semiconductor’s strong confidence and determination in R & D of autonomous and controllable chip for China energy industry. As one of the best players in digital grid and digital energy sectors, Dongfang Electronics Corporation (DFE) actively supports development of domestically-manufactured chips, and makes efforts to realize autonomous and controllable production of high-end equipment. It is foreseeable that the cooperation between the Group and HPMicro Semiconductor will help activate the green engine for low-carbon emission, and boost high-speed development of the electric power industry with “China Chip”.