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Steady growth in performance against the trend | Dongfang Electronics Corporation achieved a "good start" in the first quarter
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In the first quarter of 2022, Dongfang Electronics Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "DFE") focused on the strategy of "leading in technology, quality and cost and creating first-class efficiency", prevented and defused various risks, resolutely promoted our digital transformation, coordinated COVID-19 prevention and control, production and operation, and greatly improved the operating efficiency. In the first quarter, DFE is expected to achieve an operating revenue of 1 billion yuan, a profit of 68 million yuan and a tax payment of 100 million yuan, up by 34%, 25%, and 17% year-on-year, thus achieving a "stable start" and "good start" in the first quarter, laying a solid foundation for accomplishing the goal and task of double-digit growth in the 17th year.

More than two years since the outbreak of COVID-19, DFE has paid close attention to COVID-19 prevention, and its businesses have increased rather than decreased, showing a strong development trend. From 2019 to 2021, DFE’s operating revenue was 3.56 billion yuan, 3.93 billion yuan and 4.7 billion yuan respectively, and its total profits reached 340 million yuan, 380 million yuan and 510 million yuan respectively. DFE’s revenue and profit increased by 32% and 50% respectively compared with that before the epidemic, leading the industry.

DFE’s digital intelligent assembly line

In the first quarter, DFE successfully completed the task of guaranteeing power supply during Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Winter Games, and was highly praised by customers. DFE provides 12 kinds of highly reliable product systems, such as regulating and operating data cloud platform, video monitoring platform, protection and monitoring system, distribution automation system, IOT edge gateway, and the overall power supply system of Beijing Metro Line 11, fully demonstrating DFE's leading technology and first-class customer service.

In the first quarter, DFE was selected as the second of the Top 100 Software Companies in 2021 in Shandong, and Yang Hengkun, Chairman and General Manager of DFE, was awarded the honorary title of "Excellent Entrepreneur in Shandong Province". DFE’s key product "E2800 regional integrated energy management system" was successfully selected into the top 10 pilot demonstration projects of "industrial Internet platform + green and low-carbon solutions" of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

In the next step, DFE will accelerate the digital transformation, continue to build the digitization of products, services, customer experience and management, coordinate the COVID-19 prevention and control, production and operation and work safety, and ensure the steady realization of the planned goal of “DFE with an annual revenue of 10 billion yuan and double profits".