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International Leading Key Technology Project under National Key R&D Program Implemented by DFE Passing Acceptance
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       On April 8, the project under the National Key R&D Program - Research and Demonstration of Key Technologies of Power Distribution and Utilization Systems for Multi-user Interaction in Industrial Parks, participated in and implemented by DFE, successfully passed the comprehensive project performance appraisal and acceptance organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in Guangzhou.

The project is part of the "Smart Grid Technology and Equipment", a key special project under the National Key R&D Program. It is led by Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau of Guangdong Power Grid Company and carried out by 10 entities, among which DFE is responsible for the R&D of some key technologies, field survey and the implementation of the entire project. The project is demonstrated in the Mingzhu Industrial Park, Conghua, Guangzhou which covers an area of about 58 km2, and its energy application scenarios include roof PV, in-plant distribution and utilization, central air conditioning, ice storage, differential pressure power generation, electrical energy storage, orderly production and gas-fired boiler. Since the implementation of the demonstration project, remarkable energy conservation benefits have been achieved.

Compared with 2016 before the implementation of the project, the annual total energy consumption, the total expense, the energy consumption per unit output value and the energy consumption per unit output of users in the park decreased by 14%, 28%, 6% and 5%, respectively, and the annual electricity expense, the heating expense and the electricity cost reduced by 30%, 24% and 20%, respectively. By means of direct power purchase, distributed PV, user-side energy storage, air-conditioning energy conservation and graded use of energy, the comprehensive energy consumption has become more reliable, and a total of electricity expense of more than RMB 6.70 million has been saved for users in the park.

It is reported that the project is comprised of five key topics and takes 1,800 days from July 2016 (starting time) to April 2021 (passing acceptance). DFE has participated in the implementation of three key topics, namely the multi-energy coordinated control technology and integrated control system for guaranteeing reliability of integrated energy supply, the source-grid-load-storage intelligent scheduling method and system based on multi-energy synergy, and the demonstration project of integrated energy and intelligent distribution and utilization system; built a number of energy-saving control systems for central air conditioning, intelligent group control systems for split air conditioning and orderly control systems for production lines; and completed the design, development and installation of one integrated energy management system for the park and six distributed autonomous integrated control systems for enterprises, realizing the horizontal multi-energy synergy of cold, heat, electricity and gas, the vertical source-grid-load-storage optimized scheduling, and the friendly interaction between superior grids, the park, enterprises and distributed resources.

At present, more than 80% of the electricity in the park is self-generated and self-consumed. Through the interaction between industrial and commercial users, more than 20% of peak load is cut, the proportion of electricity consumption during peak hours is reduced by 52%, and the proportion of electricity consumption during valley hours is increased by 44%. This greatly facilitates peak-load shifting and realizes multi-energy complementation and source-grid-load-storage integrated operation. CO2 emissions are reduced by 16,000 tons every year, and the "double control" over energy consumption by users is achieved, which establishes a typical model of clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient distribution and utilization technology in China's industrial parks.

Supported by this key R&D project, DFE has independently developed an E2800 integrated energy management system which has passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements of the academician-led expert group organized by the China Electrotechnical Society. This system applies international leading key technologies and has been widely used in Dongguan, Shenzhen and many other cities in China, becoming an "efficient carbon reduction tool" for high energy-consuming enterprises.

Adhering to the vision of "cherishing the environment and saving resources", in recent years, DFE has, under the guidance of the "enterprising mode", accelerated the strategic transformation and upgrading in the fields of industrial control, industrial software, industrial IT and industrial Internet, developed new technologies in the aspects of cloud computing, big data, IoT, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence and blockchain, and advanced DFE's energy conservation and environmental protection business through integrated energy services, energy conservation and consumption reduction management. At present, DFE has laid comprehensive energy consumption scenarios covering grids, petrochemicals, iron and steel, rail traffic, ports, airports and large industrial parks and built a multi-energy synergistic and optimized integrated energy network to integrate energy infrastructure and information system in depth and help users save energy accurately and efficiently. Next, DFE will continue to shape integrated energy services across the industry chain and promote the building of an Internet of low- and zero-carbon energy, so as to make contributions to the realization of the national strategic goal of "peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality".